CCHT/ CHT Study Guide: Why Should You Practice?

If you are preparing for the CCHT / CHT or CCNT exam, you should give serious consideration to purchasing a study guide.

We offer a CCHT/CHT/CCNT practice test that is a small investment that can be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make, paying dividends that greatly outweigh the cost. It is not easy to pass the National Exam, and you will want to give yourself every advantage possible.

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Studying With Practice Exams Learning Through Repetition

Many tools are available to help students with their studies, but most prove ineffective at exam time! Studies show that practice exams are quite effective and here’s why:

Individuals retain only a portion of the information they receive, whether through reading, hearing or writing it! But studies have shown that practice exams produce results: testing and retesting – without the consequence of failure — activate memory sensors without having a memorization effect. Simply put, a practice exam enables a student to systematically acquire and retain material through trial and error.

Ace your Exam!

Testing intimidates and even overwhelms many students, especially when one’s future seems on the line! Practice exams help to build confidence. For an affordable one-time fee, you gain access to repeated opportunities to increase the skills and confidence that will produce your desired result: passing your CCHT / CHT or CCNT exam!

Nearly Half of Dialysis Technicians Failing Skills Test

The California Dialysis Council, which has administered its test to about 1,200 people so far, is seeing a pass rate of about 56 percent, according to the group’s executive director.

California Watch:
January 26, 2011 | Christina Jewett


Statewide, the workforce of dialysis technicians has fallen from a steady 5,200 to about 3,800, according to a Department of Public Health spokesman. That’s a 27 percent drop in the number of certified technicians.

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Exam Statistics (CCHT Only)

.Please note NNCC (Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission) is the only organization that puts out a public annual report at this time

  • Total as of December 31, 2010

    25,904 Examines  71 % Percent Passed:   (2010-2011 NNCC Annual Report)

  • Total as of December 31, 2011

    29,487 Examines  77% Percent Passed:   (2011-2012 NNCC Annual Report)

  • Total as of December 31, 2012
    We are locating this data. for you.   2012 – 2013 NNCC Annual Report
  • Total as of December 31, 2013

    We are locating this data for you.   2013 – 2013 NNCC Annual Report

Why should you practice

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