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Visual Quiz Timer

Visual Timer during test. Assists in identifying your areas of strengths and weaknesses. A good indicator of where your study time is better spent. Assists in your overall preparation for your timed CCHT/CHT/CCNT


OVER 1000 ACTIVE CCHT/CCNT/CHT On-line practice questions! DPT offers the largest CCHT/CHT/CCNT practice question database available on-line and thru your Android mobile app

Progress Tracking

This feature frames your progress in a snap-shot like glance. This allows you to quickly review and identify where your focus needs to be.

Student Dashboard

Front end student profiles so learners can track their activity and stay organized

Book References

Did you get a question wrong? Review it in your Dialysis Core Curriculum or Kidney School Modules with our Book References.

Question Rationale

At the end of your quiz you will be able to review your answers, providing you with a question rationale. This will give you a better understanding of the questions and answers.

Members Support

We just officially launched our new Support Ticketing System and we think you’re really going to like it!

Email Notifications

Receive custom emails when certain events happen like new sales, quiz failures, course completions, and more...


Discussion Areas

Enjoy multiple discussion areas including lesson comments, forums.

Course Certification

When you have passes your quiz with a 90% or great, you will receive a certificate of completion. after all Courses or completed you will receive your Money Back Guarantee certificate. Your success is our success!.

Achievements And Badges

Receive achievements and badges when starting new course or completing a lesson. Achievements and badges can be viewed in your members dashboard.

Payment Options

DPT, LLC does not collect credit card information. Credit Card Payments are processed by Paypal.com, Inc. or by Stripe.com, Inc.

Membership Bundle

When you register for one of our courses you will automatically be enrolled in all of our courses without breaking the bank.

Single Course Purchase

Just need to review? You can purchase any course individually, allowing you access to all of the questions in that course.

Pay as you go

We know as new dialysis technicians preparing for your certification exam can be a bit costly. DPT offers a pay as you go membership program.

Use Your PayPal Account

Have A PayPal account? No problem -- payments are processed by PayPal.com through 128-Bit SSL encrypted secure server for highest security in the net.

Pay By Stripe

Payments are processed by Stripe.com through 128-Bit SSL encrypted Secure Server for highest security in the net.

Pay manually via check

When registering for your membership or course, select "manual". Payment details will be provided in your members dashboard.

Our Guarantees to you

100% Money Back GUARANTEE

If you use DPT as recommended and still fail your Dialysis National Exam we will refund 100% of your subscription (Please see our Terms of Use)

100% Pass Guarantee

If you do not pass your Dialysis Practice Certification Exam we will extend your subscription for FREE until you do pass. (Please see our Terms of Use)​

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